Теннисная ракетка Dunlop FORCE 500 TOUR
Июнь 14, 2018
Теннисная ракетка Dunlop NT Revolution 4.0
Июнь 14, 2018
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R Elite NT
R Elite NT

Теннисная ракетка Dunlop NT Elite

2992.50 грн


Новая топовая ракетка из коллекции 2018 года серии NT

Новые технологии, новые ощущения.

Теннисная ракетка Dunlop NT  Elite    маневренная ракетка.

Сила и вращение.

Head Size: 100²
Weight strung: 278g
Weight unstrung: 260g
Balance: 345cm
Stiffness: 66
Profil: 23mm / 25mm / 23,5mm
String : 16/19
Composition: Glide Polymer,HyperFlare ,AeroSkin CX


AeroBoost  AeroBoost
Revolutionary seamless grommet systemthat fuses high speed aeodynamics with piston like power.
Brigde like structures under the string deforms cushioning impact. Combined with oversized grommets holes this increases dwell time and feel.
The elastic bridge then rebounds accelerating the string bed forward to generate greater ball speed and spin.


Engineereing advances in the layup allow for a sharper leading edge up to 9% smaller cross section in hoop alowing the beam to cut through the air faster with more4 elastic power than conventional beams.



AeroSkin CXAeroSkin CX
Dunlop has taken the concept of low drag surface texturing to a new level. Inspired by the textured skin of sharks and engineered in a wind tunnel, AeroSkin Cx smooth’s turbulent air and reduces drag by up to 36% to provide greater racket head speed for more penetrative shot making.



Updated pentagonal geometry in the shaft portion of the racket has been tuned to provide multi-directional aerodynamics allowing the racket to cut though the air faster whilst its unique 5 sided shape provides increased whip and elaaitc power.



Hyperfibre: ballistic fibres weaved into the carbon for additional strength, stability, power and superior control.




With 30% wider flare without compromising weight. This updated ergonomic flare enhances racket control and stability in the hand.






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